School Survey Results Will Take Another Week

22 April 2016, 11:38 | Updated: 22 April 2016, 11:59

Thousands of pupils waiting to hear if their schools are safe to return to face a further wait for the results of structural surveys.

Around 7,600 primary and secondary school children in Edinburgh were affected by the 17 closures enforced earlier this month over safety fears.

They are now back in the classroom under temporary arrangements as surveys are carried out to ensure all the schools are structurally sound.

Edinburgh City Council announced on Friday it does not expect to find out when the affected schools will be available for pupils until the end of next week.

Chief executive Andrew Kerr said he is disappointed by the lack of survey results from the partnership which operates and manages the schools on behalf of the council and is responsible for undertaking the required repairs.

He said: ''We have been in constant dialogue with the Edinburgh Schools Partnership, and they are aware of our concerns. It is important that we have clear information regarding the condition of these schools, and when they will be safe to reopen.

``I know that parents, teachers and pupils will share my frustration at this delay. The safety of our children is our number one priority and we all want our schools to reopen safely, as soon as possible.

''We are doing everything we can so Edinburgh Schools Partnership can provide the council with the information which will allow us to make a decision regarding the next steps.''

The schools were all built or refurbished under the same PPP scheme around 10 years ago by Edinburgh schools Partnership, which revealed it was unable to provide safety assurances for the premises, sparking the closures.

Since then, the partnership has being carrying out a programme of structural surveys.

The council previously announced that early indications from the surveys suggested ''evidence of faults'' across all 17 schools, some of which could be easily fixed but others could need ''longer term'' repairs.