Scotland's First Ice Bar Opens

2 April 2015, 12:57 | Updated: 2 April 2015, 12:59

Scotland's first bar made entirely of ice has opened in Glasgow.

The Baltic Ice Bar invites drinkers to enjoy a beer or cocktail in temperatures of minus 5C (23F).

Customers are provided with warm jackets to stop them from feeling the chill at the Snow Factor Braehead.

The bar holds just 20 people at a time.

The walls, the bar top and the glasses are all constructed from solid and sculpted ice.

Scott McLauchlan, from Snow Factor International, said: "Snow Factor Braehead is very proud to open Baltic Ice Bar Glasgow - Scotland's first ice bar.

"With the support of great-tasting Coors Light, patrons will be able to enjoy a unique hospitality experience. It promises to be fun.''