Scots Couple Caught Up In Tunisia Attack

26 June 2015, 19:12 | Updated: 26 June 2015, 19:17

More than sixty people are now known to have died in three terrorist attacks.

British tourists are among thirty seven people killed at a Tunisian beach resort, around 90 miles from the capital Tunis.

In two other attacks a man has been beheaded in France and twenty five people have been killed at a Mosque in Kuwait

Diane Boyd and her partner David Fleming are among them.

Diane From East Kilbride told Heart:

"We we one the beach sunbathing on sun loungers, everything was very peaceful and the suddenly there was an onset of rapid firing.

"I thought it was gunfire, David thought it was possibly fireworks, but as soon as we sat up it was obvious something was very wrong.

"People started running back to their hotels and we started running with them."

Witnesses say that just after midday two men used jet skis and a boat to access the beach before opening fire with machine guns.

Others report seeing one of the gunmen parachute into the resort before opening fire at the Imperial Marhaba and Soviva hotels.

Police have shot and killed one of the gunmen at the scene.

More than one thousand Scots have flown to the nearest airport from Glasgow and Edinburgh since Sunday.

Diane added: "We think we were only a hundred yards away from the gunmen.

"All we could see was people running towards where we were, we didn't see the gunmen through them.

"We feel safe at the moment but I think as time goes on it might all sink in a bit more. I think we're still a bit shocked."

And David, who is from Coatbridge, said: "It was very, very scary. When you're actually here and involved in it you just start running the same as everybody else.

"It's only afterwards you think about how bad it was."

The foreign office has told anyone at the resort in Tunisia to remain inside their hotel room and contact their tour operator.

They also say that people on holiday there should not put their location or hotel on facebook or twitter.