Scots Driver Hurt After Object Hurled From Bridge Hits Windscreen

20 October 2016, 17:08

A woman was injured when an object thrown from a motorway bridge smashed her windscreen.

She was travelling with her two young children on the Edinburgh city bypass when the incident happened shortly after 10am on Tuesday.

The woman was driving a Volkswagen Up on the westbound carriageway of the A702 when the item was thrown from the bridge on Lanark Road, near Juniper Green.

She pulled over and called police before going to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for treatment to a facial injury. She was later released.

Minutes before her windscreen was smashed, another driver was forced to pull over when a stone thrown from the same bridge smashed through his windscreen.

The 28-year-old pulled on to the hard shoulder to call police.

Officers are appealing for witnesses.

Constable Denise Humphrey said: "This was an extremely reckless and dangerous act that could have had even more serious consequences.

"Understandably, everyone involved in both of these incidents were left badly shaken and it's thanks to the quick reactions of the drivers that they managed to safely pull over and contact police.

"Today I'm urging anyone who may have information on the person or persons responsible to come forward immediately.''

Anyone with relevant information can contact Police Scotland on 101.