Scots Urged To Share Cup Of Tea With A Refugee

27 October 2016, 05:38 | Updated: 27 October 2016, 06:08

A charity has launched a campaign encouraging people to talk to refugees about their experiences - over a cup of tea.

The Scottish Refugee Council believes it is time for "a positive conversation'' in which Scots and refugees making their home here listen to each other and find out what they have in common.

It hopes people around the country will put the kettle on and take part in its ``Cup of Tea with a Refugee'' initiative.

Head of policy Gary Christie said: "The Cup of Tea with a Refugee campaign highlights the fact that refugees are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

"In all the everyday things, refugees are just like us. They are our friends, neighbours and colleagues. They have hopes, dreams and stories to tell like all of us.

"We hope that people across Scotland will get the kettle on and join in this campaign to get to know each other better.''

Interpreter Khosrow Zanganeh arrived in Glasgow from Iran five years ago and is involved in the new campaign.

He said: "Refugees have often had to go through some very hard experiences. But we are not victims, we are survivors, and we are all tired of hard times and bad news.

"This campaign looks at the positive side of things, at creating a warm space where people can engage and get to know each other better.''