Scottish Government To Set Out Analysis Of Brexit Deal's 'Damaging' Impact

27 November 2018, 06:39

EU Brexit

The Scottish Government is to set out analysis of the "damaging" impact the Brexit deal could have north of the border.

Forecasts to be released on Tuesday will focus on the economy, trade, NHS, population and access to EU funding programmes.

It comes ahead of a vote on December 11 by MPs on Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement.

Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell said: "This is a damaging deal for people in Scotland.

"By removing us from the EU and Single Market, which is eight times the size of the UK alone, this deal will hit the economy and living standards.

"Ending freedom of movement will make it harder to attract the staff we need for the NHS.

"Analysis of the deal demonstrates that this is a blindfold Brexit with major issues left unresolved.

"This means that far from providing certainty and bringing Brexit negotiations to an end, this deal will mean more years of negotiations and real economic uncertainty with no guarantee that an eventual trade deal can even be agreed.

"The Scottish Government will continue to work with others to achieve a better deal keeping Scotland and the UK inside the Single Market and Customs Union and we will continue to support another referendum on EU membership."

At a historic summit in Brussels on Sunday, the leaders of the remaining 27 member states took less than 40 minutes to approve the deal.

But they made it clear the agreement was not up for renegotiation.

Mrs May told the Commons on Monday: "The British people want us to get on with a deal that honours the referendum and allows us to come together again as a country, whichever way we voted.

"This is that deal. A deal that delivers for the British people."

The Prime Minister has a fortnight to avert what threatens to be a humiliating defeat at the hands of Conservative rebels.

SNP MPs are also anticipated to vote against the deal.