Scottish Greens Launch Manifesto

29 May 2017, 08:33 | Updated: 29 May 2017, 08:35

Green Party Logo - LBC

Scottish Greens are needed at Westminster to prevent a "bonfire'' of returning EU regulations, Patrick Harvie has said.

The party's co-convener is leading efforts to win a first Scottish seat at Westminster by standing in Glasgow North but the Greens have faced criticism after announcing candidates for only two more constituencies.

Mr Harvie is to publish their manifesto in Glasgow on Monday with vows to oppose a hard Brexit, social security reforms and a push for a new "green industrial revolution''.

Two years ago the SNP won a large majority in Glasgow North but Mr Harvie is confident of becoming the first Scottish Green MP after positive local election results in the city for his party.

The only other Green candidates standing are Lorna Slater in Edinburgh North and Leith and Debra Pickering in Falkirk, a decision said to be based on resources.

Mr Harvie said: "Scotland needs a Green voice at Westminster.

"During the next parliament, a huge number of the social and environmental protections which have been achieved within the European Union will be transferred to the UK, where many Conservatives are openly calling for a bonfire of regulations.

"This will literally put people's lives on the line.

"Greens led the way in achieving much of what's now at risk, from capping bankers' bonuses to controlling toxic chemicals.

"We need a Green voice to stand up for these protections.

"We also need a Green voice to oppose the UK government's cuts agenda and its failure to invest in the new, sustainable economic future we need.

"We have a plan to create over 200,000 high quality jobs for Scotland in the new economy.

"And we will make the case for a social security system based on a universal basic income, to guarantee dignity for everyone and end the fear of poverty.

"We are running a tightly-focused campaign, giving Scotland the best chance it has had to send a Green voice to Westminster.

"We are making the case no other party is for the sustainable, fair and decent society we know this country can become.''

::The candidates running in the Glasgow North constiuency are:

Stuart Cullen - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Pam Duncan-Glancy - Scottish Labour Party

Patrick John Grady - Scottish National Party

Patrick Harvie - Scottish Green Party

Calum Shepherd - Scottish Liberal Democrats