Search For Scottish Woman Missing In Spain

18 November 2015, 17:55 | Updated: 18 November 2015, 18:23

Spanish police are continuing to search for a Scottish woman who disappeared from her home in the country more than a week ago.

Lisa Brown, who lived in Cadiz in southern Spain, was last heard from on Wednesday November 4 when she spoke to her sister, Helen Jordan, on the phone.

Ms Brown was reported missing on November 9 by her ex-partner after she failed to pick up their child from school.

She had lived in Spain since the age of 18 where she commuted to her job in Gibraltar.

Spanish police have restricted any access to her property as part of their ongoing investigation and Ms Brown's mother and brother have travelled to Spain to help with their inquiries.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ``We are liaising with local authorities and providing assistance to the family of a British national who was reported missing in Spain.''