Second Victim of M9 Crash Laid To Rest

31 July 2015, 07:34 | Updated: 31 July 2015, 18:08

Lamara Bell, the mother who lost her fight for life days after a crash off the M9 near Stirling remembered at funeral service.

She lay in the wreckage of a car, alongside her partner John Yuill for three days, after it took police three days to respond to a call from a member of the public.

He was laid to rest yesterday.

Mourners wore bright pinks and oranges to remember the mum of two.

Lamara's mum and dad, Andrew and Diane Bell, paid tribute:

"Lamara or Mara to her friends. Our sapphire in the waterfall of life shining like a ray of light.

Her effervescent outlook in life was sometimes out of this world; one of her favourite things in life that only a few people ever knew about was her love of the TV program sky at night!

As a child she would sit with us in a darkened room watching as Patrick Moore would talk about the planets, moons and stars.

Her love was passed down to her own children; washed and scrubbed sitting in pyjama's in a darkened room they would sit watching as a family.

Alysha and her mother were bound by an unbreakable link that only a parent can understand, they shared a love of horses and music; when both of them were on an exuberant day the noise levels could break sound barriers when they sang.

Kieran never left his mother's side when they were together with shouts of 'Mum, Mum MUM!', she would answer with a simple gasp of 'what?'.

He would just look at her reassured and run off like Stewie from Family Guy.

We as a family miss our daughter each new day.

As a family each night we mourn her loss with love.

In the early morning our hearts shatter into a million pieces.

Our daughter's death should never be as a who has the biggest Halo in this visceral moment."

The Yuill family have also expressed their sadness:
"We would like to extend our sympathies and support to the Bell family as they lay their daughter, sister and mother to rest.

May she rest in peace."