Sir Menzies Campbell To Head Pro-EU Campaign

7 March 2016, 08:45

A pro-European group has appointed former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell to lead its campaign in Scotland to keep the UK in the EU.

Sir Menzies, who stepped down as an MP for Fife at the last election, will head the European Movement in Scotland's push for a vote to remain.

The independent group said it will use a series of town-hall style events to highlight the benefits that Scotland gains from EU membership in the run up to the June referendum.

Lord Campbell said he hopes to mobilise the "silent majority'' to win the debate.

He said: "Our message will be a simple one - every person in Scotland benefits from our membership of the EU.

"Whether it is climate change, energy security, organised crime and terrorism or international trade, decisions taken by the EU are more effective than the ones made by 28 individual states.

"The peace, stability and prosperity that the EU has brought to Scotland through our membership is to be absolutely cherished.

Over the next few months we will be putting forward an unremitting and unashamedly positive case for our continued EU membership, ensuring that everyone can see the 'big picture' of the advantages our membership brings.''

The European Movement in Scotland describes itself as the only dedicated pro-European campaigning organisation.

Chairman Derek Hammersley said: "Ming is a statesman whose moderation and common sense are respected across the political divide and different generations.

"He will be a tremendous asset as we promote the positive case for our continued membership of the EU throughout the country.''

Last month saw the launch of the Scottish arm of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign in Edinburgh.

The board of Scotland Stronger In Europe is chaired by Edinburgh University academic Professor Mona Siddiqui, and includes Sir Harry Burns, former chief medical officer for Scotland, and Dame Anne Glover, who served as chief scientific adviser to the president of the European Commission and the first chief scientific adviser for Scotland.