Sturgeon Provides Daily Show Laughs

9 June 2015, 07:54 | Updated: 9 June 2015, 07:56

Having been mistakenly billed as a comedian, Nicola Sturgeon provoked laughter from the audience during her appearance on one of America's most popular satirical news shows seconds after sitting down to be interviewed.

Scotland's First Minister opened her appearance on The Daily Show by setting the record straight after the programme's website had earlier listed her as a comedian rather than a politician.

She told host Jon Stewart: "You billed me on your website as a comedian - so you've raised all these expectations that I'm going to be funny. And I'm a politician, and as you know, politicians are rarely very funny.''

The SNP leader is on the second day of a four-day trip to America where she is undertaking a series of engagements in New York and Washington DC.

Ms Sturgeon followed in the footsteps of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown by making an appearance on the late-night chat show, although the former Labour leaders were interviewed after they left office.

Amid laughter from the audience Stewart reassured Ms Sturgeon she would be fine, saying: "You need not worry. They thought I was going to be funny for 17 years.''

Following her appearance, during which the pair discussed the SNP's election victory last month, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Scottish delicacy of haggis, Ms Sturgeon was roundly praised by viewers.

US journalist Skylar Baker-Jordan, who covers UK politics, said: "Sturgeon is on top of her game as usual. Insightful, delightful and charming.''

Minnestota-based Ashley Follmer tweeted: "I wish America had more delightful politicians such as Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon.''

Another viewer joked that she was so impressed with Ms Sturgeon that she might even try the Scottish speciality haggis, provided it was the non-meat version.

Rachel Bee wrote: "Crushing a little on @NicolaSturgeon on @TheDailyShow. I'd even eat haggis for her---if someone made a #vegan version.''

Later today Ms Sturgeon will host a reception to kick off Glasgow School of Art's fundraising appeal in the US before heading to Washington.

There she will address an audience at the World Bank, attend a meeting at the International Monetary Fund, visit the US Holocaust Museum and make a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.