Sugary Treats 'More Likely To Feature In Deals'

4 August 2016, 08:08 | Updated: 4 August 2016, 08:09

Supermarket promotions are more likely to feature sugary treats than healthy food options like vegetables, research has found.

A study of more than 77,000 price promotions across the major supermarkets between April and June found that more than half  - 53% - were on less healthy foods compared to more nutritional items (47%).

More than half  - 52% - of confectionery was on offer compared to only around a third of fresh fruit and vegetables (30% and 34% respectively), according to data from mySupermarket analysed by a team at Which?

The consumer body said retailers must play their part in the fight against obesity in Scotland after a majority of supermarket shoppers said in a separate survey that stores should make it easier and cheaper for people to choose healthier food.

Alex Neill, Which? director of campaigns and policy, said: "Our latest research in Scotland shows that people would like to eat more healthily but it's the less healthy options that are more likely to be included within supermarket price promotions.

"It's time for all retailers to take more responsibility for the types of food they include in their price promotions as well as to live up to their promises to take sweets off the checkout.''

Which? surveyed 1,070 Scottish adults online between May 20 and 26.