Suspected Meteor Over Scotland Sparks Police Calls

1 March 2016, 07:17 | Updated: 1 March 2016, 07:18

A suspected meteor shower over Scotland triggered calls to police from people claiming their homes shook.

The spectacle on Monday evening was witnessed across Scotland, and prompted many to report the sight of a "fireball'' in the sky and a violent bang to the police.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they began receiving calls at around 6.55pm on Monday evening.

She said: "One told us the sky had been lit up with an object like a fireball. Another caller said there was a very loud bang and others said the house shook.

"We know police in Inverness and in the south also received calls, it was seen by people across Scotland.

"We have checked and been told it was likely to be a meteor shower.''

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said they would not discuss if there was any link to any operations in the area.