Teacher Banned For Texting Pupils

10 March 2015, 16:31 | Updated: 10 March 2015, 18:39

An English teacher who sent "inappropriate" texts and emails to two female pupils is to be struck off.

Michael Hendry addressed a girl at Glasgow's John Paul Academy as "sweetie" and signed off with kisses, a hearing was told.

In messages presented to a General Teaching Council for Scotland panel, he asked what the girl was wearing on a night-out and told her "you're very beautiful".

Mr Hendry, who was employed by Glasgow City Council, was not present at last month's fitness to teach hearing.

The complaint related to inappropriate communication with two students, Pupil A and Pupil B, between April 1 and June 13 2013.

One of the girls reported her concerns to another teacher, who in turn raised them with the school head.

Mr Hendry discussed Pupil A's personal relationships and did not alert the school when she wrote that her boyfriend was "aggressive and has hit me a few times".

Instead, he wrote: "Listen I don't want to know ur business but if u want to speak to me about this at any point in confidence and not by email u can. Mxx."

The teacher added later: "I know I'm already over stepping the mark in a big way but here's my number. If u want to get together for a coffee or whatever at some point later this week to talk it over u do that."

In another exchange, Mr Hendry told Pupil A he was out having a couple of beers and asked how her night was going and "was there a planned outfit of choice this eve?"

He also asked the under-18: "What's ur drink of choice this eve? Vodka, soda and lime by any chance?"

In a further message he wrote: "In my opinion, which is beyond what I shud be saying, ur a very beautiful, stylish, intelligent, funny, ambitious and generous young woman. I think ur great and I'm very impressed by u.

"U deserve the best. If that's him then so be it. But don't let insecurity rule ur decisions please."

The hearing was told Mr Hendry "didn't appear to show any remorse or embarrassment" when asked about the messages.

The panel ruled that he failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries and uphold standards of personal and professional conduct.

It said: "The panel determined that the respondent's conduct falls significantly short of the standards expected of a registered teacher and that he is therefore unfit to teach."

The teacher has the right to appeal the decision within 28 days, at which point he will be removed from the register.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “This man is no longer a council employee.  He was dismissed following an investigation as soon as the allegations came to light.”