Foodbank Founder Defiant After Robbery

3 February 2015, 18:36 | Updated: 3 February 2015, 18:37

The coordinator of a Glasgow foodbank says a robbery at the weekend will only make it stronger.

Staff were "heartbroken" after burglars broke in to the Greater Maryhill Foodbank and stole money, supermarket vouchers and new clothing worth around £5,000.

Some of the stock they left has to be destroyed because they smashed in through the roof, which has asbestos in it.

Julie Webster. who started the service two years ago, said: "For me it's the most unforgivable thing.

"I'd have rather they'd robbed my house. It would have had less of an impact on the service users than what they did robbing this place."

She said if the burglars needed money, they could have come to her for help, so there was no need to break in.

The cash included around £1,000 raised for an 11 year old injured in a hit and run. Chelsea Sommerville broke her leg in the crash which killed her friend, Sophie Brannan, in November. The foodbank had planned to pay for a holiday for Chelsea and her family.

The service has been inundated with offers of help and donations - including £5,000 from comedian Frankie Boyle, and £1,000 from a Heart listener.

Julie said she's not surprised by the "overwhelming" response, because the local community in Maryhill has had a similar attitude in the past.

She said it sends a message to the robbers: "This place will not shut. Hole in the roof or not, we will continue to give out emergency parcels, because that's what we're about.

"Whoever did it, you won't shut us, you won't break us, because we're too strong."

Julie originally broke the news in an emotional video on Facebook, in which she asked the public to let her know if they heard anything about the robbery.

She's asking people who are offered any brand new clothing or supermarket vouchers to look at their conscience and give information to police or foodbank staff.