'Toothsome' dog snack ends with a trip to the vet

19 December 2017, 11:11

False teeth

A pet Labrador had to be rushed to the vet after swallowing a set of false teeth.

Iain Dow said his dog Kai has a habit of picking up unusual objects and he became suspicious when his mother's teeth vanished.

Mr Dow, of East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, said: "Her false teeth are usually kept in a safe place but, despite hunting high and low, she just couldn't find them, and was becoming increasingly concerned.

"I joined the search but was also unable to locate the missing molars - and then I noticed how guilty Kai was looking."

He took the dog to the Roundhouse Vet Hospital in Pollokshaws, Glasgow, where vet Helen Stevens was able to make him cough up the false teeth.

She said: "Making dogs sick isn't what vets normally want to do, but we had our suspicions and had to see if Iain's mum's teeth were in Kai's stomach.

"Within minutes of administering the medicine, lo and behold, Kai produced the snaffled teeth.

"As vets, we come across many dogs that have eaten things they shouldn't have and at the Roundhouse Hospital we commonly remove items such as coins, socks and stones from inside dogs.

"Teeth are a first though - we're delighted they appeared without surgery being required."

Mr Dow added: "My mum's been keen to get a new set of upper teeth for a while - I think this is now essential."