Tory Leader Aims For Edinburgh Seat

6 August 2015, 07:14

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is giving up her Glasgow seat to seek election in the Lothians.

Ms Davidson moved to Edinburgh in February to direct the Scottish Conservatives' general election campaign after spending an increasing amount of time in the capital.

She was born in the city's Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion and gained her first degree at Edinburgh University before going on to work and study further in Glasgow.

The 36-year-old is also understood to be considering a place on the ballot for the Edinburgh Central constituency, which is being vacated by local government minister Marco Biagi after a single term as an SNP MSP.

In a letter to Conservative members in Glasgow, Ms Davidson said: "It has been an enormous privilege to serve as an MSP in Glasgow over the last four years.

"My role as an MSP in Glasgow has allowed me to help hundreds of constituents, visit scores of businesses, charities and schools, and play a large part in the civic life of the city.

"For the elections next year, I will be putting my name forward to stand as a candidate in the Lothians region.

"As a party, we want to pull out all the stops ahead of next May's Scottish Parliament elections.

"I believe standing for election in Edinburgh will help us maximise our support so that, come May next year, we return the largest number of Scottish Conservatives to Holyrood ever."

Ms Davidson was elevated to the top of the Glasgow list in 2011 following the late deselection of former top candidate Malcolm Macaskill, who withdrew just three months ahead of the election following confidential internal discussions with the party's candidates board.

The party secured 6.1% of the vote in Glasgow and 11.7% in Lothian in 2011.