Tory MSP denies sexual harassment claims

24 September 2018, 10:27

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs

A Conservative MSP is being investigated over sexual harassment allegations.

Miles Briggs is alleged to have made persistent unwanted advances at a parliamentary social event.

He denies the allegations and faces an internal party disciplinary hearing in Edinburgh later.

The party launched an investigation in July after a female worker from another party lodged a formal complaint about the alleged February incident.

Mr Briggs said: "I completely refute these allegations and I will be happy to make a full statement after the disciplinary hearing has come to a conclusion."

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: "All parties agreed to the process from the outset and were kept informed throughout.

"Until that process concludes, the party cannot comment.

"We agree that it is vital for women and men to feel able to report sensitive matters like these with complete confidentiality and the party has undertaken to do this since we received notification of a complaint."