Two Year-Old Girl Injured In 'Horrific' Dog Attack

2 February 2017, 19:08

police tape

A two-year-old girl suffered facial injuries in a ''horrific'' attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog.

The incident happened in a car park at Kirkside Court, Leven, Fife, where the toddler was standing with her mother and a female family friend.

She was approached by a medium-sized black dog, similar to a Staffordshire pitbull terrier, which attacked her.

The incident happened at around 5pm on Wednesday. The dog's owner was not seen and is still to be traced.

The girl was taken to Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, where she is being treated.

Officers from Police Scotland are investigating and have appealed for information to trace the dog and its owner.

The animal is described as having a white underside and full length tail. It has a white tail tip and was wearing a red collar with reflective markings.

Police Sergeant Craig Fyall of Levenmouth Police Station said: ''This was a horrific attack on a toddler, who has had to be hospitalised as a result of this incident.

''Fortunately the injuries are not likely to lead to permanent disfigurement, nevertheless it is important that we trace this dog and its owner as soon as possible.

''I would urge anyone who witnessed this attack, or recognises the description of the dog, to get in touch with us immediately.''

Anyone with information about the attack is urged to contact police.