UKIP Selection Worked Well, Claims Coburn

20 April 2016, 09:24

David Coburn, Ukip's only elected representative in Scotland, has insisted his party's selection process for the Holyrood elections had worked "extremely well" although he admitted it had left some people "disgruntled''.

The MEP, who is also contesting the Highlands and Islands region in the election, hit back after it was reported that senior activists had called for him to be replaced as Ukip's Scottish spokesman.

There are reports that the group wrote to Ukip party chairman Steve Crowther in February complaining about ``dysfunctional management'' in Scotland.

They highlighted what they called "major public gaffes'' by Mr Coburn and said he was ``not suited to being the Scottish face of the Brexit campaign''.

Mr Coburn responded on Twitter by saying: "None of the 10 disgruntled people are SP16 candidates therefore appears selection process worked extremely well.''

He said some of those involved in the row had left the party, adding: "10 disgruntled people out of more than 1000 members represents 1% in fact 0.5% as half of them have left.''

He made the comments ahead ahead of a campaign visit to Inverness, where he will be joined by Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Mr Coburn tweeted that he would have "plenty to say'' there on the situation.

The MEP is one of 26 candidates Ukip is putting forward on the regional list section for the Holyrood election.