VIDEO: Dad Speaks Of Botched Glasgow Stunt Horror

5 February 2016, 12:35

A dad who watched on as a motorbike stunt went wrong in Glasgow last night has told HEART the Hydro went silent.

Thousands of fans witnessed the failed backflip during the Nitro Circus event.

The bike went crashing to the ground after suddenly flipping sideways.

Two volunteers ended up hurt during the trick and were taken to hospital.

Chris Grimes was there with his son. He spoke to Heart:

The MC of the event said "that is the worst crash we have ever had''.

The show was paused while workers and medical staff rushed to the scene and the MC added: "It's obviously not planned - occasionally something can go wrong. It's not meant to go wrong so we're taking a moment.''

Nitro Circus, which describes itself as an action sports entertainment company, is currently touring across Europe.