Viewers Not Convinced By Kezia Dugdale's Entry Into The Jungle

23 November 2017, 06:36

Kezia Dugdale

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! fans have hit out at the decision to cast MSP Kezia Dugdale, arguing that politicians do not count as celebrities.

The former Scottish Labour leader's later arrival to the ITV jungle was announced as the end of Wednesday night's episode - along with radio star Iain Lee - to the dismay of some viewers.

While she hinted that her experience with "snakes and rats" in the political world would prepare her for the show, others were not so sure it was the right choice.

One person commented on Twitter: "I don't really class Politicians as celebrities," while another posted: "politicians are hardly celebrities, what a disappointment."

Another said firmly: "Wrong show, this is for celebrities. Sorry! Access denied!"

"I hate politicians going into the jungle; we've all had enough of politics to last a lifetime," protested another.

In a video posted on Twitter earlier in the day, Dugdale said she wanted to use her appearance on the programme - following the shock departure of vlogger Jack Maynard on Tuesday - to reach out to young people about political values.

But she may struggle to win the attention of her target audience, as one viewer responded: "Yea cause Politicians is what teenagers want to see finally jack was someone from our generation now the media ruined it."

Dugdale and Lee will enter the jungle on Thursday night, going head to head straightaway in a politically-themed bushtucker trial entitled 10 Downing Creek.