Voting Ends In Labour Leadership Race

14 August 2015, 12:34

Voting in the election for the new Scottish Labour leader has closed.

About 15,000 party members and 6,000 affiliated and registered members were entitled to take part in the ballot, which opened on July 20 and closed at midday on Friday.

MSPs Kezia Dugdale and Ken Macintosh are competing for the job which became vacant after Jim Murphy resigned following Labour's general election defeat.

Members have also been voting for the party's new deputy, choosing between Richard Baker, Alex Rowley and Gordon Matheson.

The results will be announced on Saturday at an event in Stirling.

Ms Dugdale, who served as Mr Murphy's deputy and has been tipped as the favourite, said the job of ''rebuilding trust'' in Scottish Labour would start straight away under her leadership.

"The time for licking our wounds is long over,'' she said.

"If I am elected tomorrow I'll work night and day to renew the Scottish Labour Party so that we meet the hopes and aspirations of all Scots.''

Mr Macintosh has also spoken about change.

He said: "I want to offer the Scottish people hope again - I want to transform the Scottish Labour Party into a positive force for real change in Scotland.''

The ballot closed as voting for the UK leadership contest gets under way.

Contenders Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall are both campaigning in Scotland today.

Andy Burham and Yvette Cooper are also competing for the UK job.