WATCH: Family Appeal For Return Of Missing Mother Who Boarded Bus To London

18 October 2017, 14:33 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 14:40

Family of Karen Brown appeal for her to come home


A missing woman who left home as her family slept is believed to have travelled to London.

Karen Brown, 47, was last seen by her husband Jock and daughter Chloe on Friday night when she returned from work at Asda in Clydebank.

She went to bed after a brief conversation but by the time Mr Brown woke on Saturday morning she was gone.

He thought she had started work early and it was only when he went to pick her up at 8pm that he was told Mrs Brown had not turned up or called to say that she would not be in.

Police Scotland said she left her handbag, purse and mobile phone at home.

Mr Brown said his wife was a "bit of a worrier" and had recently become a grandmother for the first time but he could not explain her disappearance.

Appealing for information at a press conference in Clydebank on Wednesday with daughters Jemma and Chloe and granddaughter Millie, he held back tears as he said: "We know you've had a lot on your mind lately and a lot on your plate and we want to you to come home.

"We all miss and love you and you're needed here."

Officers could find no trace of Mrs Brown until a call from London where someone said they recognised her from appeals and spoke to her briefly in Hamleys toy shop.

Detective Inspector David Quinn said: "Somebody who has seen our social media appeals who is from Clydebank and is on holiday in London just now recognised a person she believed to be Karen in a toy store.

"She made contact with us very quickly and we were able to secure CCTV images.

"They had a very brief conversation where she asked her if she was Karen and the person replied 'yes' and went on their way.

"That witness is still in London but will be returning today and will speak to police."

Detectives have also found CCTV pictures of the 47-year-old boarding a bus to London from Glasgow early on Saturday morning.

She was wearing a pink fleece, light blue jeans and white trainers.

Mr Brown said the family have been to London three or four times and the couple once went to celebrate their anniversary.

"Certainly there's a sentimental value there, certainly Hamleys as well and I wouldn't be surprised if she's there looking for something for Millie," Mr Brown said.

Asked how he was feeling, he said: "To be honest, today I'd say very good by comparison.

"The last couple of days we've been trying to fight the negativity but with no understanding of what was going on or where she is, so coming this morning and finding photographs and confirmation that she's in London has been really positive and uplifting.

"It's been tough but today's a lot better. There's an awful long way until we get her back home but it's a damn good start."

The 47-year-old has never been missing before and police remain concerned.

Officers are appealing for any further sightings or information from passengers who may have travelled on the same bus to London.

Mr Quinn said: "She's been working a lot and become a grandmother for the first time so there's been a fairly significant change in life recently but there's nothing in Karen's life or background that would give us an idea as to why she has disappeared."

Mrs Brown is white, around 5ft 6in with a medium build, collar-length brown hair and brown eyes.