Whisky Now 'Protected' In Botswana

2 July 2015, 12:46 | Updated: 2 July 2015, 12:49

Scotch whisky has been given protected geographical status in Africa for the first time, industry chiefs said.

Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) chief executive David Frost said it was "ground-breaking'' that the drink had been recognised as a "geographical indication'' by Botswana.

The move means only whisky that has been made in Scotland can legally be sold as Scotch in the country.

Whisky shipments to Botswana increased by 163% last year to be worth £456,728, according to SWA figures.

Mr Frost said: "We expect to see demand for Scotch increase in many African countries in coming years as economies grow.

"It's important that consumers have confidence in the quality of what they are buying, which this recognition of Scotch as a 'geographical indication' (GI) will help to achieve.

"Botswana recognising Scotch as a GI - a product that must be made in Scotland - is ground-breaking as it's the first product to be given this status.

"It's also the first time Scotch has been successfully registered as a GI anywhere in Africa.

"This move will protect consumers and give a boost to the growth of Scotch exports across Africa.''

British High Commissioner to Botswana Nick Pyle said: ``This is great news for British business in Botswana.

"It will give reassurance to consumers in Botswana that they are buying a quality branded product from the UK.''