Who is Alex Jones married to? Husband Charlie Thomson details revealed

31 March 2020, 12:04 | Updated: 31 March 2020, 12:06

Who is Alex Jones' husband Charlie Thomson? When did they meet and how long have they been married? We have all their relationship details.

Alex Jones welcomed her second child with husband Charlie Thomson last year as the pair expanded their family.

So who is her husband and how did they meet? How many children do they have? We reveal all he details.

Who is Alex Jones husband?

Alex is married to insurance broker Charlie Thompson, they have been married for five years after tying the knot in 2015, and they have a three-year-old son Edward together, and ten-month-old Kit.

Charlie is originally from New Zealand and he met Alex at a party in 2011. Four years later on New Year's Eve 2015 the couple said 'I Do' and got married in a romantic ceremony at Cardiff Castle.

He generally stays away from the limelight, which Alex says she loves.

Back in 2012 she said: “It’s so refreshing to be with someone outside of the media industry,” she says. “A lot of people think it's better to be with someone who understands how it works, but this works for me.”

What's more he claims he is very supportive of her career, and if she's had a stressful day he would help put things into perspective.

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She said in 2012: “He’s just good at the practicalities and putting things into perspective.“He’s so down to earth. When I was doing Strictly he couldn’t understand how or why I was finding it so difficult – he’d say ‘just dance – what’s the problem?’

“But then I’d come home late and he’d make sure I ate or he’d call me at the studio and say, ‘That’s enough training now, come home and get some sleep otherwise you’ll be useless tomorrow.’ He’s good like that and, more often than not, he’s right!”

Alex Jones and husband Charlie Thomson
Alex Jones and Charlie Thomson are expecting their second child . Picture: Getty

Alex Jones children

Alex Jones and Charlie Tompson have a three-old son Edward together. In 2018 Alex announced she was pregnant with her second child during The One Show. She gave birth to baby Kit on May 13th 2019.

The 43-year-old presenter was congratulated by her co-host Matt Baker before she was inundated with messages from viewers who took to social media to send their well wishes on her newborn.

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Alex recently opened up about going back to work after maternity leave.

She wrote on Instagram: "So many different feelings. Anxious about leaving the boys, excited to be back on the show. As soon as I put lipstick on this morning, little Ted looked at me with his huge brown eyes and asked 'where are you going mummy?'

"It nearly killed me, but it’s time to go back and I’m looking forward to going back to a job I love, but my goodness, I’ll miss these two. So here we go...the juggle begins."

The news comes after Alex Jones revealed her regret at not freezing her eggs, as she opened up about her fertility struggle.

In her 2016 documentary, Fertility and Me, Alex spoke about her want of a family with her husband.

She said: “In an ideal world, Charlie and I would have met a lot sooner, but we didn’t. I always knew I wanted a family, but I still felt really young.

“I thought I was bulletproof, and then you realise if you want a family you do need to get on with it. But if you don’t meet the right person then it’s very difficult.”