Amy booed off stage

Amy Winehouse has cancelled part of her European tour after she was reportedly booed and jeered at a concert in Serbia after appearing to be incoherent.

A spokesman for the singer said the star has axed shows in Istanbul tonight and Athens on Wednesday.

Reports claim Winehouse was more than an hour late and stumbled and mumbled her way through most of her songs.

It's also been claimed that the troubled singer arrived at the venue sober after being banned from drinking during the tour, although she didn't stay that way for long.

A source told The Sun: "In the run up to the show she was disappearing. By the time she got on stage she was on another planet."

Her performance was jeered by around 20,000 irate fans - some of whom had paid the equivalent of a a week's wages to be there.

However a spokesperson for Winehouse has said that the singer has decided not to seek payment for the 70 minutes long gig.