Aniston offers Demi support

Demi has been nursing a broken heart, having announced she is divorcing Ashton Kutcher recently.

Jennifer is good friends with Demi and is doing everything she can to support her.

'[Jennifer] has approached Demi’s close friends, actresses Lucy Liu and Salma Hayek, to help rally round, and given Demi the number of a special mobile phone that only her inner circle have, so she can call her at any time,” it has been reported.

A source reportedly said, 'When Jen split from Brad [Pitt] it was only with the help of her close friends that she put her life back together. Now she’s helping Demi do the same.Demi has lost some weight in recent months. Jennifer has now made it her mission to help her friend get healthy again. She is encouraging Demi to eat food created by her personal chefs and do some yoga with her trainer Mandy Ingber.'