Anton Du Beke has FINALLY revealed the names of his twins

Anton Du Beke

Strictly Come Dancing legend Anton Du Beke became a dad last year and has now finally revealed the names of his children.

Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke has finally revealed the names of his twins a YEAR after they were born.

The 51-year-old Strictly star chatted to Strictly host Tess Daly about the little ones in Heart's Confessions of a Celebrity School Run.

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He joked that he wanted to call the twins Anton and Antoinette after himself but instead opted for George and Henrietta.

He and wife Hannah welcomed their little ones in March 2017 and as the twins have just turned one we are finally finding out their monikers.

During his car ride with Tess he also revealed how he's found his first year as a parent...

"Let me tell you what you don’t do anymore, you don’t 'pop' anywhere," he said.

"You don’t just go, ‘I’m popping to the shop. You don’t do any of that."

"And if you miss out, if you get the timings wrong and you go across bottle time or sleep time — disaster. The amount of times we’ve had to pull over in a street and do feeding times…

"'Don’t let them sleep before we get home! Don’t let them sleep before we get home!'"

Oh Anton, just wait until they get older and want to follow in your footsteps...running them to dance classes!