Antonio Banderas to play Picasso

The Spanish actor will play painter Picasso in new film 33 Days.

The Zorro star will be starring in the biopic, which will depict the surrealist painter's emotional turmoil while working on one of his most famous pieces, Guernica.

The film will also deal with Picasso's relationship with his French lover Dora Marr.

Like Picasso, who died in 1973, Antonio comes from Malaga on the south coast of Spain.

'He is a character that followed me for a long time, but had always rejected it,' Antonio told El Pais. 'He deserves a lot of respect because I am Malagan.

'I was born four blocks away from where he was born,' continued the 51-year-old. 'It has always fascinated me.'

The film will currently be shot in Paris and Guernica next summer.