Are S Club 7 planning to reunite?

The pop band are apparently hoping to reform after the recent success of Steps' comeback.

Representatives for S Club 7 are reportedly trying to agree a deal with their former boss Simon Fuller, who still owns the S Club brand.

A source told The Sun: "S Club have seen what's happened to Steps and want a piece of it.

"They're hoping to make a TV show following their reunion, a tour and the release of an updated Greatest Hits album – just like Steps."

Members Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole can still be seen on tour under the name of S Club 3. However, the trio are keen for the remaining four bandmates (Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt and Jon Lee) to rejoin the group embark on a comeback tour.

A spokesperson for the group refused to comment about a possible reunion.