Arnie orders statues of himself

Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered 8-foot-tall bronze statues of himself at his body-building peak.

The exhibits will cost the former governor of California £100,000 each and they're modelled on a smaller sculpture created in 1980, the year Arnold won his seventh Mr Olympia title.

Arnold visited the specialist manufacturer, Tim Parks of TW Bronze, and The Terminator told him he definitely wanted "one for himself", saying "This is fantastic, this is fantastic" when he first saw his.

As many as seven of the statues will be produced, the first of which is due to be shipped to Arnie's hometown of Thal in Austria, which houses a museum dedicated to the man himself.

The second is set for Columbus, Ohio where the Arnold Fitness Weekend is an annual event, while the third statue is said to be Arnold's personal piece of memorabilia.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pumping iron: The former Terminator star won the Mr. Olympia title an amazing 7 times.