This Picture Of Obama Hugging Hillary Has Gone Viral For All The WRONG Reasons

Barack and Hilary Clinton Canvas

The internet never misses a good photoshop opportunity.

As the world watched Barack Obama throw his support behind Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United Staes of America, a few eagle-eyed users on the internet were already planning their next prank.

Hillary, who is the first woman to be made the Democratic presidential nominee, was greeted with a warm embrace from Obama as he told the crowds he was "ready to pass the baton" onto her at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. 

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While it brought a tear to some people's eyes, other's have been crying with laughter at the hilarious memes that have been generated from the heart-warming hug.

Hillary's political opposition Trump wants in on the action too!

Picture: Reddit/dwells7583

Kanye West shows his sweet side as he gives Hillary a hug.

Picture: Reddit/7061756c

Barack, don't let go! We can't get enough of this Titanic themed picture.

Picture: Reddit/DaVinci_

Who better to love you than yourself eh, Hillary? 

Picture: Reddit/altrss

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Donald Trump is more than happy to share a hug with Hillary in the White House.

Picture: Reddit/WetCoastlife

John Travolta and Donald Trump both want in on the action!

Picture: Reddit/Zobzler

Michelle is making sure Hillary and Obama don't get too close!

Picture: Reddit/dwells7583

Where do people find the time to make these hilarious memes? Well, we're glad they did!