Berenice Marlohe not looking for a handsome man

Bond girl Berenice Marlohe says she does not need a man to be good looking for her to find him attractive.

The French actress, who plays Sévérine in new 007 film Skyfall, says she looks for 'charisma' and a 'sense of humour' in a potential partner.

'What do I find attractive in a man? He doesn't need to be handsome,' said the 33-year-old to FHM Magazine.

'If he has nothing to say or he is not funny or doesn't have something happening in his eye, then he is not attractive.'

Marlohe also admitted that she likes a man to be good in the kitchen - and he has to love sleeping!

'He can be a very good cook to start; cakes, strawberry tarts and every type of pasta. I like art and music, and also cooking, and hiking.'

Skyfall is out in cinemas now.