New Michael Jackson album?

There's talk of a new Michael Jackson album.

Producer Rodney Jerkins says he's about to start work on an album containing previously unreleased material although there's no release date at this stage.

Jerkins worked with Jackson on his 2001 album 'Invincible'.

So it got us thinking...of all the Michael Jackson songs we have heard so far...which is the best?

Have your say below and we'll post all your comments here...

Give into me
Love love love his gravel'ee voice,sooooooo sexy!!! Defo one to sing along too! x Ge

Off The Wall
- Best feelgood song ever! "tonight, you're gunna leave that 9-5 unpon the shelf and just enjoy yourself... life ain't so bad at all if you live it off the wall" :) never fails to make me sing along and dance and feel happy inside! Vicky

- Great song, great video and brilliant dance moves. Adam
- It just gets people up dancing just love it. Sam
- Getting Vincent Price to do the narration on the end of the song was absolutely genius!! Kate

Someone Hold Your Hand out
although it was never officially released in 1993 the lyrics are too moving to ignore. "someone hold your hand out, i'm begging for your love, because all i do is hand out a heart that needs your love!" says it all because he never changed. r.i.p mj

Will You Be There
- Emotions overload! sooooo sad but beautifully uplifting, the most amazing vocals and beautiful soul but generally all of them :D Vicky x

Billie Jean:
- It's one of those feel good songs to dance to and crank up loud when you're in the car. Suzy
- Bille Jean is the best ever closely followed by man in the mirror!!!! Hannah
- It is a classic Michael jackson song that really made him famous with the amazing dance with it and the trademark glove and moonwalk, whenever people think of Michael jackson they think the glove and Moonwalk, which was seen when he performed Billie jean for the first time. Its a song that when listerning to you just have to break a dance out ! Genious, Love You Michael ! =) Chantale

Man in the Mirror:
-  The words were relevant then and are relevant now, with everything that's going on in the world (global warming , the violence on the streets) if we want a better world to live in the best place is with yourself. Len
- Man in the mirror
- It shows off how much off a great artist michael jackson was and how greatly he would try to make the world a better place. miss you MJ :') Lewis
- Just love the song and when i saw him live at the old Wembley Stadium he sang it so beautifully, best concert i have ever been to. I want this song as my wedding song. Kerry

Earth Song and Black or White
- It has good video graphics. It has a good video.  It doesn't matter if u can't sing well u still sound good singing to both of these songs. Becki

Liberian Girl
Just who is she ....? Abdul


Human Nature
I love human nature because it's such a lovely tune and it makes me want to get up and sing but i do love them all of his songs. Connah

Smooth Criminal:
- It's very catchy, and it sticks in your mind - the video shows brilliant dance moves. Tom

Remember the Time:
- Smooth Criminal was A1, but if i had to choose best song/Video it would be Remember the Time what a human work of Art Michael was in that :). Denise Leadbeater

Black or White:
- Oohhhh so many, but my personal favourite is Black or White x. Sav
- The album version with the kid playing his music too loud. Genius! Keith

Liberian Girl:
- My fav has to be bad and liberian girl xx. Tina Burland

Man in the Mirror
- Great song and sums up how he felt at that time. Ann Banks

You Are Not Alone
- as his lyrics go, (im always here with you ), so he wont be missed as he is in my heart - head - voice. Doug

We've had enough
- The music, the passion in his voice, the message against war. There's nothing that can't be done. If we raise our voice as one. Majvi

- This song (off the totally underated Invincible album) is virtually unheard of outside the MJ fan community but I love it! It's just beautiful. Linda

Earth Song
- Earth Song is A wonderful Anthem for the world. For this earth. It is showing how we, as humans, are destroying Mother Earth and that we have to stop it. Even Avatar was about that...But b4 avatar, EARTH SONG Was there. God Put Michael on this earth to spread the message of LOVE and Peace. And Personally, He's done it! Romi
- These songs and lyrics for everyone, for every person living on Earth. Elena

- Human Nature
There is raw emotion in this song It's beautifully composed and really moving. My favourite MJ song of all time, having been a fan for 10 years. Hannah

I really like the classics and Your Rock my World
These tunes are amazing...defo the work of a genius and may I say MJ does look lovely in most of questions asked!!! Bless Michael Jackson xx Ana

All of them:
His voice, the emotion, the quality of all the songs are just perfection. There is honestly not one song I don't like, he is that amazing! Stephanie