Bieber's slam dunk

Justin Bieber is set to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in an upcoming basketball movie.

JB's recent MTV Movie Award has got him hungry to emulate his musical success in Hollywood and now he's teaming up with A-Lister Wahlberg to try and make it big as an actor.

The 17-year-old's film 'Never say Never' recently won the Best Jaw Dropping Moment Award, fending off stiff competition from the likes of Black Swan, Inception and 127 Hours.

It will be Justin's first scripted role as an actor, apart from a cameo role in the TV crime investigation series 'CSI'.

He told MTV News US : "It's gonna be crazy. You'll have to see, I can't really reveal too much about it."

wahlberg and bieber

Wahlberg (left), star of the 'The Fighter' and 'The Lovely Bones', also seemed excited about the film, saying: "Wait until you see me and Bieber. Think of like The Colour Of Money. Paul Newman."

Bieber was recently seen in Toronto working on his basketball skills but Wahlberg hasn't seen him play in the flesh: "I haven't played with him yet, but I saw him because he sent me a video, I think he was in Israel playing basketball."

Below you can take a look at Justin in action against basketball legend Shaquille O' u think Bieber's got the skills to pay the bills?