This One Trick Means You'll Never Shave Your Legs In The Morning!

Shaving legs

Next time you go to shave your legs in the morning...DON'T.

Most women would probably agree that getting rid of bodily hair is the most, frustrating and time-consuming task.

While it shouldn't even be necessary for women to have to shave any body part at all, the pressure to wax, pluck and get rid of our natural furs can often be overwhelming. 

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New research claims that you can achieve smoother legs for longer if you shave the NIGHT BEFORE you want to show them off.

Yep, apparently if you want long-lasting smoothness then the time of day you carry out your hair removal routine can make all the difference.

Sounds weird, but there IS actually some science behind the idea.

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Beauty experts say that shaving your legs before bed is the best option because when we sleep, our legs become warm and slightly swell, meaning little hairs retreat back into their follicles and are less obvious the next day.

This means your legs will be super smooth the next day, plus you'll get the extra comfort of feeling your freshly shaved legs rubbing against the bedsheets.