Bond film "gets named"

Find out which name is rumoured to be in place for the 23rd James Bond movie.

Skylift is the name on the rumour mill for the latest bond film starring Daniel Craig.

Various reports suggest that one of Sony Pictures' affiliates, a brand protection agency, registered 15 URLs that combine the names James Bond and Skyfall on October 3, according to an email sent to WhatCulture.

Back in August, Sony Pictures registered and a series of phrases of a similar nature, which is a big hint that it already has its name, however, there has been no official confirmation as yet from the filmmakers.

If it is named as such it will be the shortest title for a bond film since Dr. No back in 1962.

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures and MGM announced the movie will be released in the UK and Ireland on October 26, 2012, with the U.S. launch set for November 9.

Adele has apparently written a track and is rumoured to be singing it for the theme in the title sequence.