Kim Woodburn Is Writing A Filthy Novel To Rival 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

28 February 2017, 11:42

Kim Woodburn Is Writing A Filthy Novel To Rival 'F

By Hollie Borland

The former How Clean Is Your House star is writing a dirty book to give E. L. James' Fifty Shades series a run for her money.

Kim Woodburn is planning on penning an erotic novel to rival 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star hasn't released a tome since 2006's 'Unbeaten', which documents her brutal childhood, but after a stint in the Channel 5 show's famous abode she has been inspired to put pen to paper and write a "mucky book", which she joked she'd name 'There's Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth'. 

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CBB's Kim Woodburn Might Be Getting Her Own 'Jerem
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Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she shared: "I'm 50 shades of Filth! I'm thinking of writing a mucky book and I would call it 'There's Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth!'"

Explaining her love for murder mystery, royal autobiographies and her dismay that Prince Charles married the late Princess Diana, she added: "Since I was a small girl I read real murder books. I swear to god it's my bit of naughty.

“Also, royalty I have every book. Diana, you know she made a big impression in life, didn’t she? I have mixed emotion. I think Prince Charles should never have married her. He was always in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles.”

Whilst in the 'CBB' house, Kim quipped that she wanted to work on a sex line after the show.

The 'How Clean is Your House?' star - who has found herself embroiled in a series of blazing rows with other celebrity contestants on the show - admitted she'd be open to the idea of getting frisky on the phone if her work starts to dry up.

After knocking back a number of alcoholic beverages, Nicola McLean - who used to be a glamour model - told her part-time enemy: "You'd do really well on the sex line."

Kim, 74, replied: "If television work doesn't come in after this I'll be on the b****y sex line!"

And Bianca Gascoigne - who is a glamour model and works as a manager at a strip club in London - said she thinks Kim would be "brilliant" because "some men like that dominatrix type of sound."