19 Struggles Every Book Lover Knows

Beauty and the beast belle book lovers

Having a passion for books is a beautiful thing.

They provide a place to escape to, characters to love and characters to hate. They broaden our minds and educate us on lands afar. They propose ideas and tell stories that we can only dream of.

It's so easy to get lost in a book but sometimes it's not always so simple...Here are just some of the struggles us book lovers face on a daily basis!

1. Choosing the right book to read is HARD. 

There are so many of them!

2. When your bookmark falls out.

3. Finding the right reading position is impossible.

4. You secretly look forward to public transport so you can read.

But finishing the chapter before your stop is stressful as hell. 

5. You want everything in the bookshop but you are limited by personal finances.

6. There's nothing quite like the smell of a brand new book but the slightly gross, musty smell of a charity shop book will have to do. 

Even if a piece of strangers' hair does fall out on page 253 *silently vomits*.

7. The great divide of a folded down page. 

But what if you've miss-placed your bookmark? 

8. When someone tries to buy you a Kindle. 

You don't get the same satisfaction of seeing how many pages you've read.

9. Bending the spine. 

How would you like YOUR spine bent, huh? HUH?

10. When a hyped up book does not live up to expectations.

11. You feel betrayed when you think you have another chapter to go but it's actually just an excerpt. 

12. A big bag is alway necessary.

Books are heavy!

13. When a book is ruined when it's made into a film.

14. When the film changes the ending.

15. Having many books on the go at once. 

16. When some tries to talk to you whilst you're reading. 

17. The overflowing bookshelf in your room.

People say that your room must be like a library. Nay, a library is organised.

18. Mourning the world you have been inhabiting when you finish a book. 

19. You are forever waiting for your Matilda moment. 

Happy reading!