This Festive Ad From Boots Praises Everyday Heroes Who Work On Christmas Day

#BootsChristmas TV advert 2016 - the gift of beauty


The high-street pharmacy has just knocked it out of the ball park with this tear-jerking new Christmas advert.

John Lewis is taking so long with their christmas ads, that we've found ourselves haply distracted as a number of big high-street names release their festive mini-films.

Among new entries in the battle for best yuletide advert is Boots, whose heart-warming new campaign is set to have the nation weeping as they give a nod to the everyday heroes who are forced to work on Christmas Day. 

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In a bid to appeal to the public's heartstrings, the short clip focuses on paramedics, firefighters and other hard-working staff who don't get the luxury of clocking off on Christmas Day. 

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The advert, which feature Kylie Minogue singing on the soundtrack, informs viewers that 500,000 women in the UK have to make their way into work on turkey day, and chose a lucky few to receive a glamorous makeover. 

Each woman is transformed from their work uniforms into seasonal sirens as they're reunited with their friends and loved ones. 

How cute?