Brangelina spend £3k on curry

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie treated close friends to £3,000 worth of curry yesterday.

The Mogul restaurant in Bagshot, near the house Brad and Angelina are renting in Surrey, might have wished they'd rolled out the red carpet when the pair walked in.

The hot Hollywood couple reportedly ordered almost every dish on the menu for them and their friends to sample - bringing the bill to a whopping £2,935 and a £733.75 tip!

'The staff couldn't believe it when Brad and Angelina Jolie walked in - they'd been given no prior warning,' a source reportedly revealed.

'There were five friends and two of their bodyguards there and they ordered a mountain of food and booze,' continued the insider.

'It might seem hard to believe that they ran up a bill of nearly GBP 3,000 at a normal curry house but they are really generous and extravagant.'

Brad and Angelina did everything but pose for a photo with the waiters... But they promised one soon!

The insider added: 'They said that they were just relaxing and would do one next time they came in.'