Brangelina File For A Divorce And The Internet Can't Cope

brad angelina break

And who can blame them? No one saw this coming...

The celebrity world has been hit by a storm as the news emerges that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Yep, that's right people: Brangelina is no more. 

The couple, who have six children together, have decided to call it a day after two years of marriage but they have been together since 2004. 

Brad, 52, famously split from his then wife Jennifer Aniston, 47, shortly after working with Angelina, 41, on the film Mrs and Mrs Smith. 

Because of this, the internet has unceremoniously divided into team Jen or team Brangelina and this is the best the twittersphere has to offer...

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Some were unashamedly #TeamJen:

Whilst others were genuinely upset:

Some people made their own speculations about why the couple are over:

And some just came to the internet to watch...