Bridesmaid's Blood Boils After 'Bridezilla' Asked Her This OUTRAGEOUS Request.

Wedding bride and groom

Brides can be pretty demanding, but surely not THIS demanding?

A bridesmaid's rant to an online forum has gone viral after she revealed the ridiculous request given to her by a bride.

Hayley starts out by stating how excited she had been to be given the honour of bridesmaid, but has since been questioning her friendship after detailing just how much of a bridezilla her mate, Caroline, had turned into.

At first, it was just a string of overzealous emails, asking for input on everything from hair and makeup to dresses and even button holes for groomsmen.

Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse when Hayley received a spreadsheet with all the wedding cake details. 

"Hey Hayley, How's it going? I need some cake-maker suggestions by COB today please, Jase and I really want to get a wriggle on with this and need the contact details, price brackets, flavours and an idea of how prestigious the vendor is - in a table would be great. Excel is probably best please. Thanks!"

Trust us when we gets WORSE.

However the final nail in the coffin came when the bride dared to ask Hayley chip in for dream bridal gown after setting her sights on a dress more than TWICE her initial budget.

The cheeky email claimed the bride would "really love" if bridesmaids could "pitch in around $150 each towards her dream dress" as it would "mean so very much to her". 


Quite understandably she's been left reeling from the event! 

What would you do?