Celebrities back #riotcleanup

Celebrities are backing a bid by people in London to clean up after three nights of rioting and looting in the capital.

Social networking has been blamed by some for swelling the number of people joining the riots - but now people are trying to put it to good use by encouraging clean-ups.

The topic #riotcleanup is trending on sites like Twitter and Facebook with people trying to arrange clean up event after houses were burned, shops looted, window smashed and rubbish strewn across large areas.

The ideas is that local set up meeting points for those who want to help and it's got the support of celebrities including Simon Pegg, Ellie Goulding and Stephen Fry,

Stephen posted, "I do hope that if I was in London now I'd be as good & brave & kind as all those who are agreeing to meet & help clean up #RiotCleanup"

Ellie Goulding's also tried to stimulate interest, "Everyone in London who wants to help make things better tomorrow, follow @riotcleanup for news of how you can help"

Pegg posted, "Apparently the #riotcleanup site is down, likely due to an excess of traffic which is both frustrating and extremely heartening. #golondon."

Visit the Riot Clean Up website

Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly told her followers: "Come on team UK - follow @Riotcleanup and support OUR communities!"

Dave Gorman tweeted: "Went to bed depressed by the news. Now feeling strangely emotional as I read about @riotcleanup #riotcleanup Amazing."

Wednesday night's England vs Holland friendly at Wembley has been called and even the players agree it's the right move, "England vs Holland game is off, good call. Who wants to see a game of football when our country is in turmoil." - Rio Ferdinand

Other stars have been having their say on the events.

"Watching the news. I really dont understand... I dont get it??!!! Why destoy your own community? Why hurt innocent people." - Jessie J

"I don't think police will feel undermined if army called in to help with riots, they may welcome help" - Lord Sugar

"Let's get one thing straight: these people aren't 'protesting', they are thieving and destroying." #LondonRiots - Piers Morgan