Brangelina's Cornish summer

The pair will be spending their summer in Cornwall whilst Brad films his new movie World War Z.

Hollywood's golden couple, despite the efforts of a host of hotel chains, have decided to stay aboard their luxury super-yacht.

"Brad thought the family might as well have a holiday while he's shooting World War Z", a source told The Sun. "Cornwall is a little different from their usual destinations but they've heard lots of good things about the county.

"Staying on a yacht will mean they'll be able to visit various seaside towns so the kids won't get bored. "They're all really looking forward to it."

After their holiday on the Cornish coast, Brad will head to Glasgow in mid-August to film another epic battle scene for the zombie flick. The Scottish city is being used as a double for Philadelphia where the film, based on a book by author Max Brooks, is set.