Watch Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Transform Into Animals In Freaky Snapchat Duet

Snapchat video Jimmy Kimmel and Ariana Grande

She's got the voice of an angel, but the pop princess also has a wicked sense of humour...

The singer had us all howling with laughter when she paired up with American chat show host Jimmy Fallon. 

The 23-year-old fooled around with some serious Snapchat filters, including a magical flower head garland, some bee-themed face paint and a fearsome Viking warrior! 

Meanwhile the TV presenter certainly gave as good as he got, showing off rainbow puke, morphed faces and trendy snow goggles. 

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Not content with a UK No.1 chart-topping album, Ariana also manages to lip sync like a pro...although it is along to her single 'Dangerous Woman', we we guess she should know all the words! 

Snapchat video Jimmy Kimmel and Ariana Grande