Brad and Ange to reunite on screen

The couple reveal they want to work together again

They met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 and after six years and six children later, Brangelina have admitted they want to work together on a new film project.

Brad Pitt made the revelation in an interview with NPR at the Cannes Film Festival, where he is promoting The Tree of Life and Angelina Kung Fu Panda 2.

"We're not ones to repeat ourselves but we'd like to," said Pitt "Because right now we're hopscotching with films so one can be with the kids and one's free to work. Why aren't we doing them (films) together?" he added "Why aren't we doing everything together?"

The actor added that their six children's opinion will influence the projects him and Jolie will sign up for as he wants his brood to be proud of him.