Who plays Tag in Netflix's Love Hard and where have you seen him before?

10 November 2021, 13:21

Your need-to-know on Darren Barnet
Your need-to-know on Darren Barnet. Picture: Alamy

Darren Barnet is the actor who plays Tag in Netflix series Love Hard - find out his age, girlfriend, Instagram, and other TV and film work.

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Love Hard has shot up the Netflix charts since its release earlier this month, and we're absolutely obsessed with their latest Christmas film.

It tells the story of an LA writer named Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev), who has forged a successful career writing about her disastrous dating life.

When she connects with Josh on a dating app, she flies to his home in Lake Plaid, New York, to surprise him for Christmas - but discovers that he catfished her using his school friend's photos.

The man in the photos is actually a guy named Tag (played by Darren Barnet), who had grown apart from Josh after becoming popular.

Josh (played by Jimmy O. Yang) promises to set Natalie up with the real-life Tag if she pretends to be his girlfriend for the holidays, and chaos - predictably - ensues.

Here's your need-to-know on the actor who plays Tag.

Tag is played by Darren Barnet
Tag is played by Darren Barnet. Picture: Netflix

Who is Darren Barnet? What's his age and background?

Darren, 30, is an American actor from LA.

He is best known for playing Paxton Hall-Yoshida in Netflix's Never Have I Ever, and also appeared in American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules.

Before becoming an actor, he worked art Soul Cycle in LA - and also got his California Real Estate License in 2015. He made in acting debut in 2017, and was cast in Never Have I Ever in 2019.

Does Darren Barnet have a girlfriend?

Darren is dating Mikaela Hoover, who he stars alongside in Love Hard.

Mikaela plays Chelsea, the wife of Josh's girlfriend.

Is Darren Barnet on Instagram?

He is! You can follow him @darrenbarnet.