"We are a proud family" says David Beckham

Footballer talks about little Harper, Victoria and fashion

David Beckham is still ecstatic from the birth of little Harper Seven, his fourth child and only daughter.

"It’s amazing to have three beautiful boys already, it’s incredible and now to have a little girl here, we’re a very proud family" said the 36 year old in an interview with US show Good Morning America.

"The boys won’t put her down, so it’s a very proud moment for us all".

David, who was a guest on the TV show with French footballer Thierry Henry to talk about the MLS All-Star Game, also spoke about his love of fashion and the input wife Victoria has on his wardrobe.

"She kind of just lets me wear whatever I want to wear" said David "but I definitely ask her for the tips because it's what she does, she's great at dressing people she loves her fashion... but most of the time it's me."